March 15, 2007 10:56am CST
i really am very disturbed by this topic which is constantly debated among philosophers and moralists. would you rather let a person live a life with machines' help or would you choose to let him die naturally. would u choose the QUALITY OF LIFE principle over THE SANCTITY OF LIFE.
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15 Mar 07
There has been a great deal of debate on this subject lately and court cases too. In all honesty I feel that if I were in such a state that I felt I didn't want to continue living, and I was mentally capable of making such a decision, I would rather end it all than see my family and friends suffering along with me. If it was a member of my family, and they asked me to help them to end their suffering, I would have to say that I feel then they have the right to chose. There are so many views on this subject, however, that I very much doubt there will ever be a right or wrong response here
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15 Mar 07
what would you do if the patient is in vegetative state and is incapable of giving signals to his significant others as to what his decision of extending his life or not