Do you wear a cross

Cross - Is this offensive to you? I thought it was tastefull and not over done. Some people just will gripe about anything.
United States
March 15, 2007 2:36pm CST
Do you wear your cross for all to see? I do and I get some negative remarks sometimes especialy at work. Well I see other wearing pentagons, and chinese symbols and so forth, but I never see or hear about them getting picked on (at least where I am at) I guess it is not PC to be a Christian any more. I just tell them that I am not hurting anyone and it is my RIGHT as an American to wear it. I even had someone come up to me and say it was offensive. TOOO BAD. The lady was offensive, and I told her so. Was at work and she reported me....I won she lost. HA HA
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@mummymo (23707)
15 Mar 07
We;; porgy I always wear a cross and I have never had any negative remark! I have heard of cases when people have been told that they cannot wear a cross at work but legally - in the uk at least- this is an impossible decision to enforce!I totally respect other peoples right to their own beliefs and if someone told me that my cross was offensive I would smile and apologise for offending them but politely point out that I was not forcing my opinions down their throat and would appreciate the courtesy being returned!
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