How do you organize your knitting needles?

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March 15, 2007 3:59pm CST
My needles are such a mess! Many of them are kept in a big vase. I started doing this because I liked the way it looked- like a boquet of knitting needles. However, it's easy for the small ones to get lost in the sea of needles. I also have a big plastic zipper bag full of knitting needles, gagues, row counters, etc. My mom got me a huge lot of knitting stuff at an auction, so I accumulated a lot of needles and notions quickly. How do you store your needles?
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• United States
21 Mar 07
I use circulars so I made a baggie booklet out of a felted purse gone bad. I sewed ziplock baggies into it and put the size on the baggie so I always know what size I need.
@krebstar5 (1267)
• United States
16 Mar 07
For my straight needles, I keep them in a roll like the one twilight021 decribes. It's nice because you can just roll it up and store it with your yarn that way. Mine was given to me in a craft swap, but they are pretty easy to make. If you can sew straight lines, you can make of of these rolls. I suggest making one of you can because they are pretty cheap to make. You can buy them however, and some of them are really quite fancy. If you go to and just typr "knitting needle organizer" in teh search box, you will find a lot of choices, including ones that are designed to held a lot more than just your needles.
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@twilight021 (2060)
• United States
16 Mar 07
I keep my needles in a plastic case, It has handles, kind of like a clear plastic briefcase. It work ok for the time being, I will have to dig throgh the batch to find what I want thoguh so I wish there was a different method. I have all types of needles too, circular, straight, double points....I think the vase idea sounds cool thoguh. I love the idea of decorating you house with knitting. For straight needles you can get a rolled needle case. If you sew you can even make one yourself. I'm not a sewer but my sister is and she made one, claiming it wasn't hard at all. It's pretty much the same concept that artists use to keep their brushes organized. I also recently got a Boye interchangable needle set. That is pretty helpful in keeping things organized and now I almost always have the needle size I need! Happy Knitting
• Lithuania
16 Mar 07
I like make needleworks much. Since I was child my grandmother developed this skill to me , she had a great patience to teach me. And I like it too much till now. I keep my needles in one box. Usually I make one thing, don't knitt few. Also my hobby is knitting not only sweaters, but different toys and souvenirs.
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• United States
20 Mar 07
I have one of those fabric zipped bags, specifically for knitting needles but I have so MANY. I love the vase idea...quick, easy, at hand and pretty too. Great idea!
• United States
21 Mar 07
Thanks! I should take a picture to post here. One thing I was thinking of doing was tying the pairs of needles together with different colored pieces of yarn, that way I wouldn't have to hunt for a needle's mate.
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22 Mar 07
Another fantastic idea!
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11 Oct 11
well my needles are just thrown in a big basket with all my yarn (very unorganized) my sister keeps hers all nice and neat in a little zip up pouch but i like the idea of keeping them in a vase i think it would be a cute decoration sitting out on a table somewhere with a basket of yarn sitting under it or somewhere near by so it does not just look like random knitting needles sitting out like you are trying to make some kind of decorating statement haha
@jenn80 (64)
• Canada
18 May 07
I have all my knitting stuff in a few vases. I have a big and little matching one, with straight needles in the bigger one and double-points in the littler one. I also have more of a round pot for circulars, and a small one for crochet hooks and darning needles for weaving in ends.
@aweins (4203)
• India
29 Apr 07
I am having a box of neeedles where all kinds of different needles are kept in their respective cases. it is of my mom and she is a great women. she knows many things. she can knitt, she can sew, she can cook, she can teach, she can play and then she can do all the cleaning and above all she have a pretty smile on her face at the end of the day.
@hookfan (447)
6 Apr 07
I was given a set of knitting needles by a very dear friend of mine. They came in their own case, all in their own spot from 2.5mm all the way to 10mm. We've been friends for over 22 years now and she gave them to me about 18 years ago. She used to keep her knitting needles in a vase and I accidently sat on them once. Hers are now kept in a case like mine too now. She made her own cases to keep them in.
• United States
3 Apr 07
My knitting needles used to be in a mess like yours. The first thing I did was sort them out to make sure I have a set of each size. Then I put rubber bands around each pair of needles. I then got a knitting needle bag that has slots in it which I put the needles in the slots by size. That keeps the needles in order for me. Like you I was given a huge lot of knitting supplies from a garage sale. Some of the knitting needles are antique without sizes on them. Once I found out the size of the needle I used a sharpie to write the size of the neeld on the needle it's self. The double pointed needles I rubberbanded four together. I hope this helps
@nancygibson (3737)
• France
24 Mar 07
I've got a lot of double pointed needles and I bought a roll up bag that was intended for artists paintbrushes. Its in a heavy white canvas, and I wrote a size on each pocket and stuffed all the needles of that size in there. It holds about 20 sizes of needles and means its easy to find the ones I want. I'm not a terribly well organised person so I was really proud of myself for getting those sorted!
@ragmama (536)
• United States
19 Mar 07
I also keep my straight needles in a roll-up needle case, which gets stuck in with the rest of my yarn. I also have a clear plastic briefcase-style needle holder, but it's designed to hold one pair each of sizes 5 through 13, and only shorter needles at that - so really, it doesn't get nearly as much use. I have a set of interchangeable circular needles that I keep in the plastic case they came in, so all the pieces are together. Double pointed needles are the trickiest for me - I tend to sort them by size into Ziploc bags with the number written on it, but they just get dropped into my knitting bag - then I have to dig for them when I need them.