Pizza for everyone!

yummylicious pizza! - Pizza has been very pleasant to my taste. I could eat a lot of slices or even the entire pizza (laugh out loud). I don't care if it gives me aplenty of calories that will add on to my weight, does it anyway? All i really care when pizza, especially the Hawaiian one, when it's on my table during meal it's the pizza itself. Wow! So superb! So breathtaking! I wish I could have one right now. I am starving..
@020788 (78)
March 15, 2007 8:13pm CST
One of my favorites is pizza. I love the one in Pizza Hut most especially the Hawaiian delight. This could be my meal for the entire day if provided, it's not a problem. Do you know any other commendable pizza, shall we say flavor? Where can we bought it? Here in cebu, aside from Pizza Hut, Da Vinci's pizza tastes yummy too (I don't know if it has branches nationwide or even internationally. Are you familiar with it?). These two establishments are my favorite places where to buy pizza. How about yours?
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