The # 1 Rated HYIP program by hyip monitors

Trinidad And Tobago
March 15, 2007 8:14pm CST
The CEP company has been around for a year and a half now they are also the owners of Ceptrust payment processor, that other company's use them to send and receive money so they have a great out side income. I ever once had a problem with them and i can cash out everyday to my egold and ceptrust accounts, Coastin88 which is own by CEP, has a “profit share” model pays 115%, manual surf with rating, 15 sites for 15 seconds with upgrades at $5 and a max of $7500 per day, cash out daily up to $9500, automated payouts, paid within 24 hours. And allows Multiple accounts, accepts CEPTrust only, utmost importance Honest & trustworthy owners and admins. They are good Christian people, who have motives other than lining their own pockets How it Works Each advertiser has the opportunity to earn 115% of their initial advertising purchase by actively supporting the other advertisers on this site. When a current advertiser views 15 sites in our advertising rotator in one day, he or she is considered active that day. At the end of each day, Coastin88, tabulate all of the current advertising packages belonging to active advertisers and evenly split 88% of our daily profit between each of these advertising packages. So, if our daily advertising revenue is $10,000, we split up $8,800 among all of the active advertising packages. There is an 8% cap on the amount each individual advertiser can earn daily. Thus, if we have a day where commissions would be above 8% commissions, the percent qualified ad packs will earn will be 8% and the remainder goes to the reserve.
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