It's hard to stop smoking because of nicotine addiction

March 15, 2007 11:07pm CST
If you smoke, you know it. Even at 3am you don't hesitate to go to 7 Eleven to buy a pack. Even it is rainig heavily.. Why that illogical thing happen? Because of the addiction. Would it be easier to stop smoking if there is no nicotine presence? Actually I managed to stop. The nicotine effect can be reduced gradually until there is no more felt. If you want to know this valuable liquid that can stop the nicotine addiction would you like to use it? You can do that. Send me a message and I'll tell you about it.
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• Malaysia
9 Apr 08
I've been smoking since the age of 14,and yet still going.Been trying to quit smoking since long ago,almost anything didn't work for me.By many years though ,I have managed to cut down my regular intake of 20 sticks to 12 sticks per day.Though haven't manage to cut down hundred percent..
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
29 Aug 07
It is very true. The more you try, more unsuccessful you will be. But that does not mean one should continue to smoke. One day or the other one has to give up the smoking and earlier is the better.
3 Aug 07
i smoke very often...but i am not addicted..i smoke if i have a feeling dizy or tired...and you how to be the people nicotine addiction..i am regard to your force to stop smooking this very good for your health in the future..i am sorry if i cant spek english very well..
• Japan
16 Mar 07
Hi, I tried to stop smoking but never success, please tell me your experience... Tks - Deecha.
• United States
16 Mar 07
I applause you on your successful attempt to quit smoking. I've never smoked.