Is it true that 300 the movie was all done in studios and it was all CGI edited?

March 16, 2007 1:49am CST
I was stunned to hear rumors that 300, awesome movie! was shot all in studios and all was GCI edited even the abs of all characters? Was that all true?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
29 Aug 10
This is courageous movie and truly inspiring. This is my favorite movie well taken. I watched it twice
• India
4 Sep 08
DO NOT KNOW.. but 300 is an absolutely terrific movie. the attitude, the valour the spartans display send a chill down my spine. so much to keep their honour. they challenged and even demured a person who projected himself as god. i think they were bogged down by the wrong priests who just had no respect for these warriors. my personal favorite line in the movie when the king says : SPARTANS NEVER RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!. the greatest sequence when the king as a young lad fights the beast and also , when he kicks the intruder into the well..
• Canada
18 Mar 07
yes I saw on tv they were talking about how the movie was all done in front of green screens in the studio. either way it looks amazing and I thought it was a very good movie!! definitley worth checking out.
@Cephoozee (374)
• United States
16 Mar 07
Yes it is true that most of the movie was shot in a studio, but how else could they get the crazy lighting effects in there? And as far as the abs go, that's just what they look like when the light source is so small and faint that it outlines every major curvature of the body..meaning it made everyone "look" like they had a six-pack..which you can tell by, in the scene where Leonidas' captain's son is beheaded, and falls to the ground that his belly does makes all the difference..^.^
• Romania
16 Mar 07
i saw the movie and i like it.It's a awesome movie and i believe that 300 will win many oscar's(for costume,music...)I don't believe that 300 was shot all in studios