piggy bank are still in!

@aaa0126 (205)
March 16, 2007 1:51am CST
some of us are still having a piggy bank,, why? coz sometimes when your out of penny and something you want to buy,, you'll just twist the cover on the bottom,, and oohhlla penny will come out so fast.. ehehehe
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@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
16 Mar 07
This is a positive post because it just make me feel young again. I had a few piggy banks when I was a young boy. Believe it or not, savings was fun and exciting. Today, in the adult world, savings is like an uphill task. Having piggy banks again may help us look at finance in it's orginal state again i.e. to save. Besides, we will feel young again in our mind. Actually, when we adults start having piggy banks again, it will motivate the children to follow our footsteps to be savings conscious.
16 Mar 07
I always save my loose change. I keep some in my desk at work for ordering occasional sodas and snacks out of the vending machines, but I put most away in my piggy bank. It's a great way to save your money, especially if you are a waitress or delivery driver and are paid in tips. I take my change in to the bank every few months and usually get at least $50 back in cash. This is money that I otherwise would have spend on useless junk or lost under the couch. However, with the $50 I can actually pay a bill or go out and buy something that I really want.