health - fear of vomiting

March 16, 2007 2:48am CST
Hi, it wasn't until recently that I read a magazine and found that this fear actually exists. It has some weird name to it, but it made me feel not so weird by knowing that I am not the only one who suffers from this strange yet terrifying fear. I have always not liked vomiting (who does????) but after my second child I developed a really bad fear of it. I refused to take my child to daycare for fear of him catching it. I would take a packet of dettol wipes with me to wipe the handles of the trolleys and then my hands after I had been anywhere up town. I absolutely refused to use public toilets and if had to I would cover the seat in toilet paper. When my son started school and the other Mum's would say that this one's child is home sick with vomiting etc I would go home and wash all the sheets spray the curtains, couches and beds, toilet bath etc everything with the Glen20 spray. I would spray the kids clothes in the stuff as well. I could not sleep at night sometimes going on for 2 weeks where I would lay awake every night and just listen for my sons to wake up crying saying that they were sick. Every time they coughed I would be out of bed in there and even waking them up and constantly asking them if they are ok. They have both had it at least twice and I managed to cope ok, of course it was only natural to ensure that they were ok. I still fear it, but it doesn't control my life as much as what it used to. Does anyone else have this fear? I would love to talk to you, cheers
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• India
16 Mar 07
I am one of your species since I hate to vomit .. when i was pregnant with my now 10 month old daughter I was warned by many friends of the nausea and vomitting problems during pregnancy .. i hated the thought of a vomit.. and guess what I was lucky i vomitted only twice in entire 9 months .. i believe my fear of vomitting stopped me from vomitting .. i just cannot take the thought or urge of a vomit .. even when my daughter has cold and vomits sometimes I feel like vomitting but immediately I spray room freshners and gulp down a toffy to let the urge vanish ..
• United States
16 Mar 07
I don't have this problem but I have a friend who's sister does. She constantly is washing her hands. She has to see a doctor because of it. The doctor helped her out a lot. Have you thought about doing this? They might be able to help you.