quit loving him or get him back

March 16, 2007 3:42am CST
a friend of mine met her chat mate in person last feb this year... but her chat mate had an ex who cheated him and thought that girl and that guy will be getting together for good coz one saturday she texted that guy when she can start working to him since this guy had an online advertising and she was hired as marketing manager..but her chat mate told him i will just text you coz i am with my ex...and my friend texted her oh, ok just hope your past will not be your future, but next wednesday came friend texted her chatmate if she can go in the guy's place so that she can start to work not knowing that the ex of that guy killed herself thru taking different medicines that overdose her...my friend just knew when she came friday into guy's place...then this friend of mine liked also this guy but she cant be aggressive as she can like american guys wanted in the ladies they met, so they slept in one house but different room... and maybe her chatmate or now her boss think that she doesnt like him, he texted another lady the next day(saturday)to come into his place and he even showed the text of the girl to my friend, of course my friend where hurt but she just said ok, "you met her"...now they are in the same house and my friend use to get hurt coz she can always hear when the two making love ... that's why she told this guy that its much better if she wil just go back to manila for other reason and not that she was hurt... but her boss loved the foods that she cooked...coz she is a good cooked and the other girl dnt know how to cook but just maybe she is good in bed coz seemed that she used to have a relationship like this...and my friends boss dont want to let her go also coz he trusted her in his business so much... coz her boss told her that what i am looking for a woman is whom i can stay with me and helped me in my business... so, my question is, is it still ok that my friend will stay in that house but hurt or do something to get back her boss attention to her... coz her boss doesnt know that she loves him... hope we can help my friend...
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