How Can You Say That Your Religion Is True?

March 16, 2007 4:50am CST
Guys and gals out there, i've been having this confusion in my mind about religion and i NEED your help, i want all opinions from those who wants to tell me something about their belief, you can also give me a few examples or anything that you may think is appropriate
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16 Mar 07
Each person who says that their religion is the truth does so really believing that they are right! I'm a Christian and I believe in my religion and believe that it is the ultimate truth but I don't just "say" that Christianity is the truth but I fully believe it is and it's my faith that keeps it "the truth" in my mind and heart. It's not about "saying" things about your religion that makes it real to you, it's the feeling in your heart and the faith you have in the religion is what matters. I've had so many trials and tribulations in my life (and no my life is not perfect, I'm not saying it is now) but I've gotten through all of them with the help of God and I don't think it was Him who helped me but I KNOW it was Him who helped me and got me through it all. So I don't know what religion you are or if you are anything at all, but I hope you have faith in what you believe in or else it's just not doing anything for you!
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
I am a bit confused when you say that"I don't think it was Him who helped me but i KNOW it was Him who helped me" I've known people who live in a double standard kind of life when it comes to their religion, other people say that it's purely faith and others say there should be work for it to be fulfilled and to think that they all base everything in one book!
• United States
18 Mar 07
I think that, in itself, "religion" is man-made. After studying religions and their evolution for a while, and the staggering number of divisions among even the same groups, I have to say that as we learn more about the world we live in through the advances of science, we "create and alter" what we need to feel connected to the still-confusing world around us. I do believe in higher power, but am not a Theist. I think that it doesn't matter whether we call our "higher power" Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, the Great Spirit, or Horus, it is the same thing. We are all already "connected" to that "thing" we are seeking long before our self-imposed religious divisions even enter the picture and keep us warring against one another. I can't think of many battles in history that didn't originate due to these divisions. I do not want to be a Christian if it means I have to think of every non-Christian as "sinful or evil". I do not want to be Catholic if it means I have to consider Christians or Jehovah's to be "wrong". I do not want to be Pagan if it means I have to consider ALL other groups as being undereducated about the origins of faith. You may find some answers and insight at this site I visit sometimes - Smiles and best wishes...
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• India
16 Mar 07
no body can say his/her god is real it is there belife and there teaching from ancestor that make them think for there god but we belive that there is ever good may be hindu god or allah if you want to belive search the web of religion you will get you proof