how to avoid decaying of tooth

March 16, 2007 5:33am CST
its very simple do follow, the starting of the caries is with carbohydrate so any thing which is with carbohydrate will lead to caries tooth so ,it can be avoided with simple mouth rinsing when ever u eat any kind of food and do aregular throught and mouth rinsing (gargling) it good for tooth and prevents mouth ulcers
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• India
16 Mar 07
You may wonder why every so often a dentist has recommended a filling to you. Some people get more tooth decay and fillings than others and wonder why this is. The simple truth is that drilling out the decay in a tooth and placing a filling is not treating the real cause of the problem. Unless you get rid of the causes of tooth decay this process will be repeated in future again and again. We can tell you that tooth decay is seldom anything to do with "Soft teeth." The real causes of tooth decay are well known and documented, our aim is to work with you to help you understand what causes tooth decay. Once you know this you can then choose if you so wish to avoid the stress and expense of repeated rounds of fillings.