What Makes A Mother?

@raveena (1356)
March 16, 2007 6:15am CST
by Kay Green. Read this article on the Internet and it was very touching so thought of sharing it in mylot. A mother can come in may forms: ~A mother can be a woman who conceives, births, and raises a child given to her by God. She is what we as a society see as a mother. ~A mother can be a young woman who finds herself pregnant, unable to parent, who chooses life for her child by placing him for adoption. In choosing life for her child she becomes a mother. She will not be that baby’s parent but she is his birth mother. ~A mother can be the one who prays for a baby she does not carry in her womb. She becomes the mother and parent to a child given in adoption. She is there in the night, in sickness, in health, in joy, and in sadness. She is her mother. ~A mother can be a woman who takes on the care of another’s children through foster care or guardianship. She gives her life to loving them. They see her as mother. I read the story of a man who parented a little boy that he believe to be his biological son. At age 10 he found out he may not be his biological parent and considered leaving the child. I thought how sad. He is the only Father that child knows. He IS his father. Blood alone does not make you more of a father or not. I am a blessed woman. God has blessed me by allowing me to be a mother to 4 wonderful children. Three of them I gave birth to. One we adopted. Yet I am mother to all of them. There is no difference. My love them will last a lifetime and is unconditional. I am their mother! What a blessing from God to be called mother. It is my highest calling!
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