are these bad for my kids?

March 16, 2007 7:39am CST
i am an avid collector of bad taste bears (do a scearch) i have been collecting for 2 years now and have over 100 bears they are in my living room displayed. my kids have started asking questons about them the thing i am wondering is this damaging to them in any way? should they be allowed to see them ? my kids are 8 and 9 years old
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• Portugal
16 Mar 07
Sometimes we don't realize certain things we are doing in our loves until we have our own children or until our children start asking questions. You yourself should ask yourself if you think that is appropriate for your chldren, what kind of upbringing are you giving them, what kind of tv programs do you allow them to watch, is having your bad taste bears contradicting the kind of education you are trying to give you kids? I myself have never been a bad taste bear fan, I have never liked them and would not want my daughter to have any, but that is the education I am giving her, we all do what we think is best for our children. Maybe you could help them find something to collect. It is only in your best judgement to know what to do with this, ask yourself the questions and give yourself the answers. All the best to you!
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