little happiness or big deal!

March 16, 2007 8:34am CST
in our day to day life we come across many occasions when we just feel that we r just on the top of the world like just remember the first bicycle ride u have ever done, remember the excitement u faced when u topped for the first time in the school, remember the time u got first cenrum in any of the subject in the school, first gold medal, first certificate, first nice trustworthy friend, the happiness u felt when ur parents said that they r really proud of u and also the first salary and many more....the list might be almost endless but when at the dawn u consider about all this u will feel that these happinesses are not that much bigger that u might have thoght for to achieve in ur life but instead they r just the pieces of ur bigger dreams, and u'll have to go for a big one in the life and do somethig much bigger in ur life. As a good old saying says that in order to achieve something u'll have to lose something, everything cannot be kept by a person himself. In order to get a big deal, stop enjoying the small happinesses and instead plan for that big deal in the life so that u can say proudly that yes, i have done something in life much more significant and adorable in my life. The essense is that in order to get big deals in the life it's not just the sufficient to keep urself secluded in the small ones, but when u get small successes think or take them as a ladder to ur success for the big deals, it's only a way not the landmark or a big enjoy spot!
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