mylot question

United States
March 16, 2007 9:22am CST
so I've been here long enough I should know what this means...but I don't. What's an "unresolved discussion"?
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@Giggles88 (542)
• United States
16 Mar 07
It's a discussion that you haven't picked a best response for. It doesn't really mean much but to let you know that you haven't picked one yet which generally means no one has really answered your question leaving it unresolved.
@yanjiaren (9050)
16 Mar 07
Unresolved discussions are the discussions you have not yet awarded a best response to..which reminds me that I have a few I must catch up with..but I am trying to catch up with my replies first lol..Mylotting never ends..By the way I loved your previous venting..I am a wife..too..I have an interesting story about the Emepror and vinegar if you would like to read on my blog..fat chance I will let my hubby run around with concubines!!!!!!
@tinam13 (840)
• United States
16 Mar 07
u are supposed to look at ur unresolved or discussions ive started and ull see all the discussions that u started and didnt choose a best answer for it. anything that doesnt have a best answer is considered unresolved.