Have you ever felt cheated in a relation??

@amitksing (1323)
March 16, 2007 12:02pm CST
Everybody lives through many relations. Relations are very sensitive matters and are directly attached with our Heart and brain. They leave their impact on a person. Have you ever felt being cheated in a relationship?
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• India
16 Mar 07
It never happen to me one way or the other. But I've heard people talking about their experience. Some did come clean and were forgiven, although the trust had gone, and something had gone from the relationship. Some never did, although the partner did suspect it, but that partner was strong enough to know that she had to do her best to bring her man back to her, and succeeded brillantly. Other live in the dread that they might be discovered. Personnally, until it happens, I wouldn't know. I mean some relationship are worth saving, depending on what is at stake, and if the love is truly there; Because after all, people do make mistake, who hasn't ?! On the other hand, the pain might be such that it just outshines everything else, and the sensible thing to do is to break up. So, If you think that the guilt will kill you, then maybe confess, sooner rather than later. Also you'd know your man, do you think he would want you to tell him or not? Would it be better to severe all ties with the person you cheated with,and that would be the end of the matter? I think that knowing your man, and what you want, will give you a clue as how to deal with that best. Good luck.