will harry potter and the deathly hollows break the record?

March 16, 2007 12:53pm CST
book five was a great success but book six was not so big success. do you think book seven can make to it. can it redo the history that book five made?
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• Canada
19 Mar 07
I found that book six read like an encyclopedia - lots of information being thrown at the reader to set the stage for book seven. That also means that there are a LOT of loose ends to be tied up in book seven. It has already broken the pre-order record, too. I know that I can't wait.
@joanna08 (394)
• Philippines
18 Mar 07
definitely...BOOK 7 is more important than BOOK 5... their isn't enough clue for BOOK 7 all around the net, and i think that will make people more curious about it.. :))
• United States
18 Mar 07
Book Seven will definitely break five's record, and then some. This isn't just the last book for now, or until Rowling goes at it again. Oh, no. There will be NO more Harry Potter books after this one, unless she sells-out which isn't likely, and everybody is going to want to read the end. A phenomenon this big can't just go out with a whimper. And it is so not even past it's prime or popularity.
@winterose (39917)
• Canada
17 Mar 07
ever book is different perhaps 7 will be a better book, or perhaps people are just tired of that series who knows.