I've been taking Xenical for 2 weeks

March 16, 2007 1:22pm CST
I want to lose about 2 stone after having my 3rd child and have been taking Xenical for 2 weeks and have only lost a pound, the side affects aren't very pleasant, is it worth carrying on or am I suffering for nothing, anyone else had it work for them and can give me some advice
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@Erilyn (3020)
• United States
16 Mar 07
A lot of people don't believe this, but the safest and easiest way to lose weight is to eat about 5 times a day, all small meals. With 3 kids I know you are getting excersize lol I have 3 myself. and just watch the calories you eat. It is much safer than diet pills and plus you learn to eat bett ras opposed to just taking a pill. One of the other down sides to diet pills is when you stop taking them, you usually gain the weight you lost plus extra.I was losing approx 3 pounds a week eating 5 small meals a day and keeping my calories to about 1300 a day. I was never hungry, and felt better than I ever did before. I hope this helps and good luch to you.
@daryljane (3439)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
yeah, i agree with that, i used to drink diet pills, yes, i lost pounds, but after i stopped taking them i gained weight much faster plus extra..so i stopped it, what im doing right now is watching what i eat, drink lots of water and exercise when ever i have time...
@natrlvr2 (384)
• United States
28 May 07
I have been taking Xenical since 4/13.I have lost 21 lbs. and I will continue until I lose at least 100lbs.I have to have monthly weigh ins at the Dr's office.(last time I took Xenical I lost 39 lbs. in 4 months but I went off it and went back to my old habits)Not this time,I am not quittting until I get where I want. By then my eating habits will be just that a habit. I do not call it dietiing.It is a 'life change in eating habits". You will have no side effects if you eat what you are supposed to.(side effects can be nasty if you don't,great motivator)You MUST eat low fat and watch your calories but you never have to starve.I cannot exercise more as I am disabled and I I also take certian meds. that make me gain weight.I LOVE Xenical.
@asteriskec (1074)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I'm a recent Xenical user and so far I've been feeling okay. Have you been using it as prescribed? 3 times a day? I've been taking it three times a day and I've been watching what I eat.