Three things...

March 16, 2007 2:16pm CST
In a small room,There r only three things for u,1.Money,2.Books,3.Women.Friends tell me,from these three things what u want to get?
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@bdpura (84)
• Bangladesh
22 Mar 07
I would like to take all of these both in keep in room and out from room situation. What you would like Foisal? I think you need women! LOLz! I think it by seeing your avatar/picture.
@gbaben (509)
• Russian Federation
19 Mar 07
assuming i know the content of the book ,i would have go for it,Because i believe in the power of information.i know it is the book that can carry information.But since you don't tell us the type of book it is,I will go for Money because i believe in the power of money.
@foisal1 (10)
19 Mar 07
@yozizou (129)
16 Mar 07
books it is.if u have the knowledge than earning money is not a problem and if u have money than getting galz is not a prob;).
@072006 (1279)
• India
16 Mar 07
hey hi, well freind its depends on my situation , if i am enough educated, then i wont touch book, will take money, if i am not literate enough to earn for me as life long nad get a good job or my braed and butter soltution then i will choose books, no women in any situation, bet luck , happy earnings!!!
@foisal1 (10)
16 Mar 07
@paulskie (246)
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
If you are confined and restricted in that same room and no means to get out, you can get all, eventually. lol. But if you get to choose one AND get out, that would be a tough question. 1. If you answer money, (like most people would) you're in for a competition. For one thing, those women inside the room wouldn't let you take all that money without them getting a handful of that same money. lol. 2. If you answer women (ok, at least a woman lol), you're in for a big surprise too. How sure are you that the same woman would just let you "get" her out of that room THAT easily. lol. 3. I'd say book(s).. no one is interested with books nowadays. You can just select a book and get out of there.. FAST too. lol Have a nice day!
@brckoba (795)
• United States
16 Mar 07
I would get the money I'll tell you why: If you have money there is a big chance that women(I'm not saying that all women are golddigers) will come to you... Also if you have money you can buy books and thus get the knowledge that you seek... Money moves the world!! :P
@xelissa (777)
• New Zealand
16 Mar 07
Women, nothing I worse than boredom because I'm quite an action girl. I like well I love talking and if you got to know me...Welll you'd see me bragging on hours endlessly about some stuff that are pretty much pointless or random
@oslovibes (190)
• Greece
16 Mar 07
i'd take the books,and what hides in them. a rare copy of a book is valued more than you can possibly imagine.
@navinshan (3940)
• Canada
16 Mar 07
I would anytime go for money as of my present situation, since money can buy anything in this world, similarly like women and books can also be bought with money, so i would go with money.