United States
March 16, 2007 4:06pm CST
Let's face the music. We all get hit by those nasty suckers known as viruses and worms and whatnot. Everyone learns the hard way before they create a program designed to clean and disinfect the infected files that are hit. I am one of them. A few years ago in college I was hit with TWO...and I mean...TWO viruses that messed up my files on my disks, and my hard drives. One was called the Jeefo-A virus that attacked my application programs and .exe files. It was minor at first, and didn't cause major damage. It only slowed my computer down. I found the disinfectant called "Resolve" from Sophos, and it did me right. However, another, more sinister and malevolet virus hit me hard as if it felt like a burning, lava-hot sword slapped me on the cheeks on its side. This nasty little demon virus was called "Gedza" a.k.a. the Cazdeg virus that hit my .ZIP drives, my .htm files, my .MHT files (web archive that looks like the real web page), and any other files it hits. This one messed up my hard drive severely, and the only way you can tell if it's the virus is when a pic of Avril Lavigne (don't know her) popping up automatically. Because of the second virus's damage, I want to get my hands on the punk who created it, and strangle his life so hard that even his soul will feel the pain and won't get out of my grip! To add insult to injury, there wasn't a disinfection tool, and if I used an anti-virus program, it would kill any of my files that are infected! However, I managed to single out and isolate the problem files in the "c:\windoes\system32" foler and sent them into a password-protected .ZIP file and deleted the original, so that I could send it to an anti-virus company to let them make a disinfectant program like the one with Jeefo-A. Has anyone ever ran into any viruses in their life (major and/or minor), what damages did the viruses do to your files and computer, and what did you do about them?
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