Is the internet all its cracked up to be?

@smithy86 (137)
March 16, 2007 5:08pm CST
I am a 20year old female and i am in need of a wheelchair.I am bed bound at the moment and my hospital had no wheelchairs to spare so i need to buy one for myself. I want to go to a shop and get one so that i could see it instead of just looking at a picture. However when i am searching on google etc, its only online shops that come up. Surely there cant be no shops that sell wheelchairs. Has everything become online now? In 10years time will i be buying stamps online? Are search engines sufficient or simply generate totally random sites? Has anyone had trouble searching for something online that should be so simple?
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• Andorra
19 Mar 07
i personally find most of the things im looking for but it doesnt mean that i find em straight away. sometimes i have to search many different phrases and pages to get the website that i am looking for i mean there are millions of pages im sure you have noticed, why dont you try a couple of other search sites at the same time?
• United States
17 Mar 07
Is there a Goodwill or Salvation Army store near where you live? Sometimes they will have used wheelchairs for pretty cheap. We bought one there from my grandma for like, $15. Another good place to look would be You sign up for your city, and all sort of people post thing that they no longer need and are giving away for free. I got a futon on there once, in great condition, and it didn't cost me a thing. I ended up buying a new mattress for it, but it was still way cheaper than going out and buying a new futon. Hope this helps a little!
@xXmeganxX (4423)
16 Mar 07
hi there and yes ive had trouble searching for stuff online before, i can't remember what it was now! also sorry to hear that and im sure there must be one shop that sells one in your city, they sell wheelchairs in markets in my city and there like new! i hope you get one soon! =)