What do you think happened to Anna Nicole Smith?

March 16, 2007 5:08pm CST
With so many different opions out there, who knows what to believe. What do you think happened , and who do you think is the Baby's Father?
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3 Apr 07
theres so much back and forth its hard to keep up spmetimes,but i really think howard is the father.Im just going by my instink of course,cuz none of us really know.
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25 Mar 07
I did read somewhere that she had some type of infection and a very high fever. She refused to go to the ER because of the publicity surrounding that. I think it was a combination of the infection and perhaps prescription meds. Who do I think is the baby's father? Could your next question be easier? (just kidding) I do think it's the attorney, but the baby looks more like the ex-boyfriend, so it's hard to say. I wish they'd hurry up on the DNA so the proper man can take care of his child and raise her right. :)