Child Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

United States
March 16, 2007 5:24pm CST
I have two boys who like to wreak havoc around my house. Although I am at school all day, my wife and I am sure many parents will discover that they may have CAADD. This is how you can find out: You decide to do the laundry. As you head towards the basement you notice there are cheerios all over the floor and your house keys are in the cereal bowl. You decide to pick up the cheerios before you do the laundry. You put the keys on the counter and notice the trash is full. So, you decide to take out the trash. But, you think, since you are taking out the trash and will be near the mailbox you should pay the bills first. You realize that you only have one check left and you head to the study to grab some more checks. On the way to the study you see a sippy cup full of juice and think that you should put it in the fridge to keep it cold. As you head to the fridge the plant in the living room looks dry and you think that you must water it. You set the sippy cup down and see the baby wipes you have been looking for all morning. You decide to take the wipes to the bathroom, but try to water the plants first. You spill water all over the floor in the process and go to get paper towels. On your way you spot the remote on the kitchen table and you think that you should replace it because you will forget you saw where it was and will need it to watch TV later. So you pick up the remote, but remember the water on the floor. After setting doen the remote and wiping up the water you head back down the hall trying to remember what to do. At the end of the day you still haven't done the laundry, the bills aren't paid, warm juice is on the counter, the plant is dead, there is still one check in your wallet, the remote is missing, the wipes can't be found and you can't remeber what you did with your keys. Not only this but you are really tired. You realize that you have a problem and need to get help for it, but first you will go check out your MYLOT account. LOL, parents can you relate to this?
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@kunzite (16)
17 Mar 07
totally. this is too true.
@RivahGal (34)
• United States
17 Mar 07
Absolutely! My days were much like that when my son was younger. Reminds me when I said that I was going to bed, but first I'd put away the laundry, refill the food and water bowls for the dog, etc. My hubby would say that he was going to bed, and that's exactly what he'd do! Parenting is a blast, ain't it? :) Julie