Ever wondered why we don't feel inspired

March 16, 2007 6:08pm CST
Many on this community are fortunate to be in top quality institutions, with no financial worries, nd the freedom to debote all our energies to whatever cause inspires us. Yet, we live uninspired lives. Why? Maybe it is because we don't admire things enough and feel good about them. We don't admire the vegetable seller, the newspaper man, the bus driver, the office assistant, the professor, our family, and our friends and ourselves for the way our engines keep running everyday. Maybe not smoothly. But they run nonetheless. If we admire, express our gratitude and admiration, then we inspire. And when we inspier, we get inspierd. The world no longer seems a ruthless competitive place.
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• United States
17 Mar 07
I think that the main reason is that some are uninspired is because some people are afraid of change. They are afraid of taking control of their lives and removing all the negative things from their lives that are causing them not to excel. They work at a job they do not like because (the money is good or they are fearful having to look for another job), their friends and family are negative and say negative things all the time (I don't have or I can't), they watch the news and read the newspapers (lots of negativity there), they stay in a state that they don't feel like they are progressing because they don't want to up root and disturb their stagnat lifestyle (once again the fear factor comes in to play). I say that in order to feel inspired start to take control one step at a time - get rid of the negative friends, maintain a long distance relationship with negative family members, start a business or find a job that like, if you feel you need to relocate then making happen, and finally follow Nike's advice "Just Do It."