Activity Drill! Fill 'er up, I mean, fill 'er out!

March 16, 2007 7:06pm CST
Which preposition/s would you use? 1. Jerry and Lewis drank their milkshakes ________ straws. a. by b. with c. through d. on 2. Jerry and Lewis came ________ the front door. a. into b. in c. at d. through 3. J & L drove ________ the red light and got a ticket. a. by b. through c. out of d. into 4. J & L rammed ________ a public electricity pole. a. into b. through c. past d. at 5. Jerry's ancient, one-million-dollar Greek vase broke ________ a million pieces. Lewis swept the pieces ________. a. out/away b. at/in c. into/away d. away/into
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