does love end in marriage......?

@rita88 (33)
March 16, 2007 8:14pm CST
I know a pair of lovers. They love each other very truly and sincerely. They have good understanding between them, very much caring on eachother. One day they had a discussion, the girl asked her lover about their marriage. They had a very big discussion.The main problem between them is religion. The Boy said he cant marry her breaking his parents heart. But he said he loves her very much but cant marry and the girl's wish is to marry him. But both dont want to lose eachother. If you are in such situation. whom will you choose??? Your parents or your lover..????? what is your opinion about this..?? Will this love end in marriage?????? or it will end as love itself????? ***SHOULD LOVE ALWAYS END IN MARRIAGE???***
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@prem622 (402)
• India
28 Mar 07
well, i would beter suggest them to talk about this with their parents to end this beautiful love story with a happy ending. I belive their parents will understand that they deserve the marriage...
• India
17 Mar 07
not many people agree with my reasoning but what i think is that if our parents love us sincerely, they would not have a problem with us marrying outside religion or country or anything!!! parents who give religion more importance than their children are the ones who dont allow such lovers to be united!! the boy in this case can try telling his parents that he loves this gal and aks them to allow!! nothing is impossible in this world!! they can convince their parents to allow their marriage! to answer your question, love doesnt always end up in marriage!!