tring tring...

March 16, 2007 8:42pm CST
HELLO EVERY ONE... its a lot of fun and Its really simple.. Just write something as if you are talking to somebody on the phone..The next person will answer your call. More than one person can pick your call. Conditions : 1) U will never get an engaged line. 2) Talk about anything and everything u know/don't know...Gossip, politics,sports,Movies..after all, this time u aren't going to be charged for these calls.. 3) Any person can hear your conversation.. 4) Wrong numbers are entertained... 5) The telephone network never goes down unlike our Orkut server 6) U may start a new call when a conversation is in progress.. So what are u waiting for.. Lets get the phone ringing.. I'll start the first call.. Hello.. who is this?
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