Do you hide things from your spouse?

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March 16, 2007 9:07pm CST
I'm a stay a home mom and lately, my husband has been wanting me to get a job. I've been doing things like this to make a little extra money and I just got something to do assembly work at home. I've been also doing odd jobs here and there to make money. I've been fibbing about how much I will be making! I tell him I make more than what I will be bringing home. I just don't want him to worry about money so I try to make it sound better than it is. Eventually money will roll in and he won't have to worry anymore.
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@graham31 (487)
17 Mar 07
mmmm i think we all hide things from our partners but were i think your going wrong is telling lies about how much your earning,this in my opinion can only lead to trouble.So not unless your certain the money will start rolling in i would start telling the truth about how much you earn before he thinks you have more money than you do and goes out and buys things on the strenghth of this wealth.Before you know it you have over stretch and you do have money worries
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17 Mar 07
Oh I know. I am only doing this because we need to pay bills. We don't overspend on too much. My husband has a real job, we just need a little extra money.