Do you ever feel like you are just not good enough?

United States
March 16, 2007 10:00pm CST
Sometimes it feels like I just can't cut the cake.I am a fairly new mom and it just seems everything that I want to do and give for my son,just blows up in my face.All the grand plans I have for him,and what a great mother I will be.Always looking out for what is best for him.I wanted to breastfeed,I failed.I wanted to feed my son all organic,I failed.I wanted to learn to cook and never feed him fast food.I failed.I wanted to get involved with other moms and thier kids to learn about home schooling and alternatives to the normal social structure.I am still an ongoing failure.I tried to quit smoking.I failed.How am I ever to be good enough for my son?Is love enough?
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