Are we all into Polytheism ?? Who is the real One ?? God or Allah ???

@frodloo (424)
March 16, 2007 11:24pm CST
Christians always say their God reffering to Allah. i`m sure Muslims say the same thing (i could be wrong). if you believe in two Gods is that not polytheims ??? i know many will say that God is real and Allah is fake - Allah is real and God is fake and that will be your justification BUT it is not just two different interpretation of the same God/Allah ??? i think the next evolution of the mind will be when we realize we are all praising the same God/Allah. What do you think ??
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@iwyrobi (282)
• Indonesia
17 Mar 07
as hindu veda said EKAM SAT WIPRA BAHUDA WADANTI, the meaning is there are only one god, but wise people call it by many names. for example : indonesian say tuhan, islam say allah, jesus, and many more
@myownsn (198)
• United States
17 Mar 07
umm its muslims refer to allah, but allah is arabaic for God if im not mistaken, im a christian and just believe in God im not to familiar with muslims but i dont know how it difers except for muslims believe in muhammed as the Savior not Jesus. Im totally out on the limb here please correct me if wrong.