How does this make you feel???

March 17, 2007 12:42am CST
When you start a discussion that you really want some responses too. not to boost ratings but because you really are looking for answers. I am not whining here even though it may sound like it, I just feel bad when i don't get a response to a real serious discussion. how does this make you feel and is there a way to bring the discussion back to the top with out a response so it can be seen again. sometimes it moves so quick around here posts are missed. Just curious
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• India
17 Mar 07
I too get pissed off when i dunt get any responses from others but i would have really started the discussion to know more about it.. n thats y am not starting discussions.. i just reply to dicussions.. tats it..
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• Canada
19 Mar 07
It's not that I am peeved I just hoped i would get more responses so i would be more informed for when i go on Thursday. I am nervous about what is going on with me and was just looking for anyone who might have info on this subject. But it does not look like i am getting the info i was hoping for so i am a bit saddened