Linux back in 1995, I had a hard-time with it !

March 17, 2007 6:28am CST
My first Linux ever was Slackware (don't remember version number) , that was in 1995 (12 years ago). Me and my friend buyed it from our VBprogramming-teacher (payed just for cd and book, not for software). There was some version of Xwindows on it, I remember. No KDE, no GNOME yet. We tried to install Xwindows for more that 1 month. We had to write our own Xconf.And then there was a problem with monitor frequency,res. etc. numbers (if you write wrong numbers old monitors can burn out). So, at the end Xwindows worked ! It was some resolution problem , but IT WORKED! We felt like we were in heaven!LOL,these were nice times... How about you ? Your experience with your first Linux ?
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• Philippines
21 Mar 07
turbolinux in 1998. it was the only one that worked on my pentium 1 machine, tried the other distros. at least, its the only one where x worked, but couldn't do much at that time either, but it's a sense of accomplishmnt over the command line that the other distros at the time ended up with. after that & a couple of machine upgrades, i experimented with caldera, corel, old debian, stayed quite a while with mandrake, did ubuntu recently... now i'm doing the graphical install on windows with the debian installer