nobody knows me.....???

March 17, 2007 9:33am CST
but I am searching all over the place. I am getting a male maltese in three weeks and i need help with names. anybody have any good ideas? he's very tiny and white. i could go to the pet community but i think this community is very creative and has so much positivity... i thought you guys would have some great stories or some funny names.. cute ones to share with me! aloha! lei
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• United States
17 Mar 07
Truly, it is important to see an animal before picking their names. That way you can look at coloring and personality. But, since you asked, I really like the name MERLIN. I had a cockapoo once that we named that, but we had to get rid of him.. He was a magical little devil...could disappear and make things disappear in the blink of an eye...LOL...Enjoy your new dog and let us know what you name him !!