Can mylot kick you off..... without a thoughtful reason????

March 17, 2007 10:52am CST
Are you always worried what if mylot ban you..without any reason. imagine you are about to reach your payout limit of 10$.. say you are at 9.94$ and next day a email comes saying that you are banned from mylot....what will you do?? I think we user can change the policy of mylot if we build a strong opinion on this topic then definitly mylot will consider this and remove the minimum payout rule.... So i request you all plz post on this topic and help each other
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@mvsrao (4370)
• India
17 Mar 07
Let me assure that Mylot will not ban any member without a valid reason . if a member violates Mylot guidelines then a warning is sent . If the violator doesnt care and continues to violate then only mylot takes serious action such as banning . Pls remove this fear from your mind and contribute posting here . All the best .
• Pakistan
17 Mar 07
Such a silly topic to start when you didn't even try to tell what's the point. Pls don't let it go to your head and do explain what you mean? I think mylot won't kick us off. Well, of course they won't without assigning any reason or they surely are gonna give a reason before kicking us off. Hope you get it thank you abhishek.
• United States
17 Mar 07
i think if they do this then they definatly should pay you the ammount you have earned even if it has not reached the $10 ammount if they do this then it seems it could be labeled as a scam cause they could do it to anyone and never have to pay out anything!