March 17, 2007 12:34pm CST
what is rediff? how is it comparable to yahoo??? please guide
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• India
18 Mar 07
bith yahoo and rediff do the same job and provide you with the same services but I recommend is much more better
@drd_ebiz (82)
• India
17 Mar 07
As you have asked to compare rediff wth yahoo, implies u know what is rediff....rediff is a india based site with a very good free web based email functionality. aprt from this the rediff online shopping is worth mentioning....but other features of rediff vis-a-vis yahoo is lesser said the better. Regarding rediff mail, it has introduced recently a 'never heard before' (plz correct me if i am wrong) feature called unlimited the total storage capacity of rediff will be unlimited, implying u dnt hv to clean the inbox ne more..thts really gr8 thing to have.....Get up of rediff has improved now...but overall yahoo is more preferable than rediff...thts my believe