Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro?

United States
March 17, 2007 3:03pm CST
Hi all, I am a college student going to dental school next year and am sttongly considering switching from my sony laptop to the wonderful world of Apples! I have looked at some of there laptops and researched them quite a bit. Here is what I have found: For the money, the macbook is really the best deal; you get the 2GHz core duo processor, 1gb memory, 80 GB harddrive, and a double layer superdrive all for only $1199 (with student discount). Now the Macbook pro has all of the same features, but with 120 GB hardrive instead of 80, and a special graphics hardware, and illuminated keyboard but it costs $1800 (student discount)!!! In conclusion I have found that the only real differences between these laptops for an everyday user such as myself, who does not do graphic design or anything, but uses it to listen to music, internet surfing, and word documents, is slim to none. But nevertheless, the screen sizes are different (macbook 13.3" and pro 15") and the macbook only comes in glossy screen whereas the other can be glossy or matte. My question to all of you, is do you think it is worth the extra $600 to get the pro? Do you think the small screen size of the macbook would be too small to serve as a main computer for everyday use? Do you think the amneities of the pro or worth the price tag, such as the graphics, illumniated keyboard, and the extra harddrive GB? And lastly, does the glossy screen of the macbook have any problems as far as visibility in certain conditions, is there an advatnage to having a glossy screen over a matte??
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• United States
17 Mar 07
Whats up KingChris? I use the mac book which has the 5400 rpm drive and 120 GB storage 2gb ram dual core processor. I like it a lot. You really don't need that much extra stuff that the mac pro offers, unless you are a serious baller. For everyday dental stuff my mac book does fine. I also bought a power surger and the apple care warranty and an external hard drive, because even though they are macs, they do break down and you want to be able to store your info somewhere else.