Can we really live on mars?

March 17, 2007 4:50pm CST
They say that we could live on mars whats your opinion of this matter? It would be really cool to stand there looking back at the earth thinking ahahah suckaz at least it aint snowing or raining here lol
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@David_B (89)
17 Mar 07
I don't ever think that we are going to move to another planet like that. And even if we could live on mars it would be too expensive for people to go there....=)
@mckgamer (23)
• United States
17 Mar 07
Well, like in most scifi movies, we'd probably have to live in big bubbles at first, which I think would be kind of scary if a little meteor hit it and popped the balloon :). the we'd have to try to terraform the planet, while everyone is living in the bubbles, which will be extremely expensive on an unprecedented scale, when it is possible. So I think it is possible, it will just take a long time and a lot of money for it to happen.