java applet software

October 17, 2006 8:59am CST
I need to software for open my javafile
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@dundern (247)
• Finland
18 Oct 06
so you want a good answer tom this well i am here to give you one well you can open it in any text editor. but if it is ready file then you need to decompile it and that dont i know any tools to, but as long as it is *.java file you can open it in any text editor like notepad or something like that i personally use notepad ++ (not sure if thae name i right) and then you need java compiling software that will mean that you need to go to and java JDK Kit 1.5 something dont remember the latest version number. If you are looking for a editor wich will tell you if you have some syntax errors or something else wrong in source code then i suggest anay of these tools here that is a direct link to sun java site so you can easily find it. I use that that netbeans IDE it is very good.. so basicly all tools you need is Netbeans and Java JDK Kit to program, copile and look/read. so here is the complete answer to you question hope this is usefull to you... i will look foward to get one more java programmer to this world ;)
@pontgtp (970)
• United States
17 Oct 06
Good luck, with that and welcome to Mylot