Creepy or what?!

March 17, 2007 11:15pm CST
Well, i started the day early bcoz, went on board as early as 5am... (my work)... so, during this time, i went online and checked mylot... looked for interesting discussion, read responses...ect.. now after almost half day online, and at the same time working. i happen to attempt opening another window, basically for checking my mail at but i found out that i'm offline,i got a page error... so i went back to mylot, on the other window, but it was ok. so i decided i post something about my "misplaced keys", and i was able to post it. i find it strange to experience something like this, that i don't understand if i'm online or off... i also checked other computers here but, i cannot open a single site, still have that error thing... and as i am posting this right, i'm still at it. do you have any explanations with this, guys?
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