Should I groom my dog so much?

@toolfan (305)
United States
March 17, 2007 11:30pm CST
Currently my dog Smokey is set to go to the groomer every 2 weeks. He gets a bath if he needs it, but otherwise, the groomer just trims the hair on his paws. My wife says that it helps to keep snowballs out of there, and sticks, etc. The problem is, the groomer charges me $25 each time. With my other dog, I'm paying $100 per month to give my dogs a groom. Is this normal, or excessive? Is it tough to trim the paws myself?
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4 Jun 07
Get a pair of thinning shears from Sallys Beauty Supply or a similar place. They cost from $15 to $60 depending on quality. Stand your dog on a table, and with the thinning shears, just follow the line of the foot around in a circle. It takes 10 minutes and its not worth $25. Basic dog grooming is not difficult and you're going to save lots of money if you bathe the dogs weekly yourself and do a little trimming. If your dogs need sculpting, you can even have a groomer give you a little lesson. Its definetly not rocket science and its a good way to spend time with your dog. They aren't going to know the difference between the free haircut and the $100 haircut.
@prestocaro (1254)
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18 Mar 07
I do my dogs nails and check his pads for scratches every week. I just get the brush and brush him until he's almost asleep, then I do his ears (he really likes this, he groans and lets me move him around, etc), then brush him some more, and then the paws. I usually get my BF to help hold the paw while I trim. I don't see why you'd be unable to do it, as long as you get your dog really sleepy/relaxed. That seems like a lot of money!! The only way I could justify that is if I showed the dog or something.