October 17, 2006 9:25am CST
ok here I continue with my topic: there are 3 kinds of neck constructions: here they are in the order of their betterness neck thru glue on bolt on excellent guitars: esp: m 400 m 200fm m 100fm m 50fm stef carpenter signature series jeff hanneman signature series jackson: SL2H soloist[the best man] SL2H soloist with fixed bridge SL1T soloist SL1T soloist with fixed bridge 2nd preference: sl1 soloist IBANEZ: prestige series: rg3120f rg321f[my choice] rgt320 q grg miKro: GRGM21GB[MEDIUM FRETS] good for last minute rehearsels: jem: 7v[but the monkey grip is odd] mick thompson signature model[but it is porous mahagony] so if ya don't mind take it. Fender:[good for melody and twang and bell like harmonics listen to METALLICA-NOTHING ELSE MATTERS SOLO IN THE END] american deluxe stratocaster american stratocaster tornado DELUXE PLAYERS STRAT[IS A SUPERSTRAT standard stratocaster telecaster: american telecaster american deluxe telecaster standard telecaster showmaster: flatheads[but medium jumbo frets]jumbo frets are the best for shredding: yamaha: pacifica gibson: les paul: menace studio custom x-plorer: new century DEAN GUITARS: vendetta 4.0[the best] mlxt dime-o-flame ml cardillac/custom phantom razorback: two tone shards x-series: mach 7 no of frets for preference:24[for wider range of sounds] 22 and note for bassists 5 string guitar is used for nu metal for different sounds. PICKUPS: EMG: active 81-rhythm guitar and single players who need to cover all ranges of tonesactive 85-for rhythm guitars active s-for higher notes basically SEYMOUR DUNCAN: dual pickups dual single coil pickups distortion pickups [but tone may be harsher than emg pickups] DIMARZIO pickups:very good for the general rock tone[listen to JUNOON - SAYONEE guitar solo] best strings: ERNIE BALL'POWER SLINKY STRINGS] D'ADDARIO STRINGS: XLS XL THICKNESS OF STRINGS: rhythm guitarists - 0.09-0.10 to 0.12mm lead guitarists - 0.07 - 0.09 mm[for mids to highs] effective distortion pedals: DUNLOP CRY BABY SERIES: 535q crybaby multiwah zw 45 gcb 95 db 01 BOSS PEDALS: od 20 os 2 os 3 DIGITECH PEDALS: hot road[for rock basically] hot head[for all styles of music] death metal[extreme distortion for death metal music] Metal Music[for heavy metal] picks: best are Tortex green picks 0.88mm[used by JAMES HETFIELD] Purple picks ALWAYS FLATNECKS OR D NECKS ARE THE BEST AS AGAINST OTHERS LIKE C V AND U NECKS: SEMITONE TUNINGS: TUNING IT 3 SEMITONE DOWN[GUITARS AND BASSES ]WILL GIVE A DARK TONE [HEAR BLACK SABBATH-CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE INTRO] hope uv'e enjoyed this information and found it useful.note:the models Iv'e mentioned are good from my point of view and they are not necessarily cheap but may be reasonable.and the brands Iv'e mentioned are after a thorough analysis of the vaious charachteristics,wat models the big popular guitarists use and wat is common in them.will post some more information later on..
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