I've seen so many people complaining about the pay on MyLot!!! Read this!!

@toolfan (305)
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March 18, 2007 12:50am CST
I have only been here a few days now, and I see continual post after post about MyLot not paying enough money, etc. I just want to make a quick statement. 1st...most people on this forum have made a ton of friends, and learned a lot from MyLot...Many of them believe that the cash is secondary. I love MyLot, and have gained some good relationships already. 2. I do look at MyLot as a great business opportunity. In fact, all of my referrals that I have already brought to the site believe it is a great opportunity. They are all dedicated to posts for an hour everyday, and understand the vision of actually building an online opportunity. I do not like it when people post bad things about this opportunity, because it makes me look like a liar to the people that I refer. It cheapens the great things that people do on this website. I have one thing to say about that. People who do not see the opportunity in forums like this, referral programs, etc...lack vision. You do not make money by simpily posting a billion different comments that you actually don't even care about. 1000 posts might actually make you $25...maybe even $50....but how much would $25 from 500 referrals make you??? $3125/mo -- for talking to your friends, driving people to a great site, and building a wonderful online community. In conclusion...remember that there are consequences for everyone in the things we do....Continue to post bad things about MyLot, and it may eventually drive people away...Shutting down the website for all of us who actually care about MyLot. I think the better thing to do would to simpily go to another forum, another online community and ruin their website...Because we don't want those people here. I'd love to hear some responses here...your pal, Toolfan
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18 Mar 07
I am new here and just wanted to say that I didn't come here for the money-making opportunity. I've only spent a few hours here so far and found MyLot to be easy to navigate and catch onto, and full of lots of real people I'll be able to communicate and network with about my interests and goals. To me, that is enough "pay". :)