The decline of Indian Traditional Dance,****BHARATNATYAM****

Dance is an art, learn it !!!! - All folks out there never miss an opportunity to learn this dance..
It is the best form of dance which gives you pride and respect...
Learn it, you will never repend...
@Minuuu (31)
March 18, 2007 1:44am CST
'Bharatnatyam' is the oldest of all classical dance forms in India..Although it has been traditionally associated with Tamil Nadu, it now has a strong presence throughout India and abroad.. Bharatnatyam is an amalgam of Bhava (expressions), Raga (music), Tala (rhythm), and Natyam (dance)..It signifies man's quest for God and his desire to unite with the Omniscient.. But most of today's generation prefer to learn Western dance because they have a wrong notion that learning Bharatnatyam is below dignity..They feel that it is an old fashion.. They do not know the real feel of Bharatnatyam..It is such a beautiful dance with full expressions unlike western dance and has its worth and respect throughout the world.. I feel proud of myself being a Bharatnatyam dancer.. To all the younger generation out there, never have this wrong notion, learn this art, you will feel proud for the rest of your life!!!!
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