who knows you the best?

United States
March 18, 2007 2:19am CST
is it one of your parents, a sibling, your partner, a friend? is that one person someone who you can talk to about anything, ANYTHING? i would have to say that my mom knows me the best. she can tell by the tone of my voice, or the look on my face, if something is not right in my life. i can tell her a lot, but i dont tell her everything. there are just some things that moms shouldnt know about their daughters ;) lol. i have different freinds, and each one of them knows a little something about me. there is one friend i talk to about my very very personal and confidential thoughts. i know she is great at not gossiping at all. i have another friend who i go to for talking about parenting and being married. each friend i have knows a little something about me that the other doesnt. my husband though, hes the one that knows me the second best. he is the one who knows how i really feel about certain situations, people, subjects.... he knows how lovable, how scary (haha), how vulnerable, how cold, and everything else that i can be. its great to have that kind of relationship with someone you love. i can honestly say that he is a great friend over all of my other girl-friends.
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@joanna08 (394)
• Philippines
18 Mar 07
the person who knows me best is probably my parents, because im their daughter. but it is only in terms of what they see. but the person who REALLY KNOWS ME THE BESTEST is my best friend. she doesn't only know my secrets but also what i feel about my family. so i guess that is my answer.