March 18, 2007 3:43am CST
money is the necessity of life,but it should be give that much importance as it is given now,now a days in front of money there is no respect for elder and relative they fight for it.why?they r having there own properties n all even then they interfere in anothers, why?
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• Philippines
18 Mar 07
Hi, fadyfady. Unfortunately, these people think that money is the only thing to make them happy or satisfied. Many people would only become grateful of God's blessings when they have money. They should learn to know and ponder that money slips away. But love and relationships don't. They have to learn that money never prevented them from being happy or unhappy.
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• Pakistan
19 Mar 07
yup u r absoultly rite,we can do nothing with there perception but can try to not to involve ourseif in this,