Dont you guys just love JACK's MANNEQUIN?

March 18, 2007 3:56am CST
Their lead singer is Andrew Mcmahon. he suffered from leukemia but but didnt stop him from making great and awe-inspiring music.. They have emotional songs that can touch one's heart. The best song from them that I think is "dark blue" but the others are also awesome! such as "the mixed tape" "holiday from real" and "bruised". they rock...
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7 Nov 07
yes, i do, i do, i do :) i think the lead singer is greatly talented and to think that the band just came as a side project from his other band, "something corporate". they were taking a break from touring but he had so many ideas that he just had to record them and jack's mannequin was born. i'm glad he has recovered from his leukemia and i can't wait for his next album! i couldn't stop listening to "dark blue" for days! it was so bad i actually couldn't go through the rest of the album so all i knew was holiday from real, i'm ready then dark blue hahaha! but now i've gone through all the songs and they're all wonderful :)
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6 May 07
oh my god!!! are you serious about the whole leukemia thing? that is so cool...yeah...i would have to agree with you with the fave songs part...those songs are actually in my most fave songs list...i also think that "la la lie" is a great i really lve this band...unfortunately none of my friends know that this band actually exists...pity...i don't really get to talk about them much since, well, i have no one to talk to about them...mwahahah!! wow...the whole "overcoming a sickness" bit has actually made their songs more inspiring!!!
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18 Mar 07
I didn't know the lead singer has leukemia but you said "suffered" so i'm thinking he's already over it.. if that's even possible.. anyway i like this band their album Rocks!.. my favorite songs from the album are "the mixed tape", "i'm ready" and "recued" i like almost all of it but these 3 are great!