life of immigrants

March 18, 2007 5:42am CST
i wanto discuss about the life of the immigrants. i am living in australia and i am a student from india. first of all when you will put a step in a strange country you will feel a cold feeling, nobody around you is urs. you have left your people behind. secondly nobody cares about you here. they will show like they are your best friends, but nobody really cares, even if you are going to die. thirdly when you are established, life becomes so busy, that you cannot even think about urself. in your own country you just have to work 9 to 5 then rest of the yours. here life never ends working. even in the night you have to think what you will do the next day. thats what i am feeling at the moment but still its a new home and you have to cope with it its life
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