Come Down To The black Reality...!!

March 18, 2007 6:51am CST
some of us live in a perfect world where everythubg seems to be right .But who knows which point in any of our lives will chamge all that.!! every day new crimes are commited,some outright atrocious and some ,although less heinous are equally shocking.But we will only come to know about this when It Really happens to YOU and not Someone Else.! as for your infromation i must tell you that there are almost 5,00,000 child (S*X) workers in india and there is an increase in it by 8% or 10% every year.! and it can even hape to us better have some preventions : 1.)Don't accept drinks from people you don't kno or don't trust .always get your own drink..! 2.)accept drinks in sealed containers-bottels,cans or tetra packets ,never leave ur fdrink unattended or turn ur back on ur table. 3.)do not drink from open beverage 4.)keep your eyes and ears open. 5.)move around in two's. i shared my safty methods and will be glad to get yours too save the world! kindly share your experience too and how you sloved them .!!
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@samson1967 (7422)
• India
5 Jun 07
Consciousness is the only manthra to keep the evils away. Gods grace also essential to protect ourselves from unexpected dangers. I trust everyone and openly mingle, but I dont know who will ditch me.
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