OC fanfictions...

@joanna08 (394)
March 18, 2007 8:51am CST
do you read The OC fanfictions to satisfy your desire for more OC! :))
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27 Jul 07
i read and write fanfictions...i have about 20 or them, some aren't done yet but about 10 of them are..most of them are written off of the third season finale because that is the huge turning point of the oc as a whole so i usually start there...some have Marissa not dying, some have her dying but with a different response from Ryan nd everyone else resulting ina ompletely different fourth season. I love to write and if you are interested in reading any of them, I can message you with some of the overviews of the finished stories.
• United States
30 Mar 07
I didnt know such a thing even existed. Can you link me to where its at? I miss the OC, this might calm the cravings lol.
• Australia
18 Mar 07
I did like the OC, but I'm not obsessed enough to read fan fiction about it :P The only fan fiction I've ever read is Harry Potter, and even that got too far fetched after a while. No one can write the characters quite like their original makers, so fan fiction doesn't interest me.